5 Scientifically Proven Steps to Assure Goal Achievement & Happiness

5 scientifically proven steps to assure goal achievement & happiness
One of the pre-requisites to lasting happiness is to do one’s own Great Work.  What today is your Great Work?  Is it to birth a new product to reduce our carbon foot print?  Or to midwife your resistant team in to the new-normal?  Or to nurture a fledging business in to profitability and sustainability?  Or to change your relationship with your aging parent?  Or to destroy corruption in your neck of the woods? When one has a big goal, one needs to change and to grow.  If the change is to be meaningful and lasting one needs to change from the inside. So how does one change?

Research (Prochaska, Norcross, and Diclemente) identified the following required steps for lasting change to achieve audacious goals:

  1. Contemplation: perform self-assessment, assess risks associated with the change, determine the personal profitability of change
  2. Planning: (often the longest and hardest step) envision, identify appropriate strategies, identify obstacles, make proposals and plans to overcome obstacles, and finally commit to execute on a Plan
  3. Action: (the fun part), execute on the plan and reinforce progress
  4. Maintenance: enjoy the progress but remain vigilant to regressing
  5. Termination: congratulations, you have done it!  The goal is achieved permanently.  For some goals there is never Termination; Maintenance is the ultimate goal, e.g., some recovering addicts
If one skips over a step or passes over too lightly to assimilate the change then one eventually crashes like a deck of cards. Success requires one to start again at the weakest link and build up again.
Are your goals are so big you don’t know how to achieve them?  If so, I’d be happy to send you a free copy of articles I have written.  Choose any or all of the following:
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Best success with your goals.
for audacious living!
Angela Nesbitt