Have You Chartered Your 2014 Journey?

Good Morning,

  • Are you feeling too guilty, confused or lethargic to charge in to 2014?  (Y/N) or
  • Are you too busy with your To Do list to notice how you feel?  (Y/N) or
  • Do you know exactly what needs to be done and why?  (Y/N) or
  • Some combination of the above?

Please hit reply, I am curious to know how it is working for you and will share the results (anonymously of course).

Last week a client, who happens to be a highly effective, experienced businesswoman called me.  She was frustrated and a bit embarrassed.  “Where do I start after the holidays?  Do I sit down and make plans or just get in to action?”  Hmmm…  Sounds familiar?  There is an easy answer and not so easy answer.  Obviously, get in to action!  But what action?  Some of us prefer to stop, research, assess, plan, and then get into action.  Others jump in feet first, see what happens, and then create a plan.

Either way, if you do not know your values, what is meaningful, or the stakes that you are playing for you will stumble over the inevitable hurdles, lack the drive and persistence for the hard slog, become indecisive when the choices and questions become excruciating, and end up elsewhere because you did not know the destination.

If you are playing for high stakes (e.g., raising happy children, leading a team through turbulent times, looking for work, regaining your health) you need to know your values and why the goals are important.  My daughter, Rebecca, is not a “morning person”.  Curiously, she miraculously arises well before dawn for a regatta, her gear (lots of it) packed the night before, breakfast, lunch and snacks organized (but incompetent in the kitchen the rest of the week), and in the car well before departure time.  She has a meaningful goal, planned, and executed.  Wild horses (or tiredness) could not stop her.

Have you noticed that most of us are so busy avoiding Right Action?  We are either too busy for the self-reflection or planning to get in to Right Action.  Or we are too busy planning and can’t do Right Action.

What has worked for you?  What tripping you up?  I would like to hear.

Expect an invitation later this month to a webinar to make 2014 your best year ever

Thanks and regards

Angela Nesbitt