Looking Back Looking Forward

I read this quote on Christmas Day and wanted to share it with you

If, as Herod, we fill our lives with things, and again with things; if we consider ourselves so unimportant that we must fill every moment of our lives with action when will we have the time to make the long, slow journey across the desert as did the Magi? Or sit and watch the stars as did the shepherds? Or brood over the coming of the child as did Mary?  For each one of us, there is a desert to travel.  A star to discover. And a being within ourselves to bring to life

Authour  Unknown

As said by the character Glenn Close played in the movie The Natural  “I believe that we have two lives.  The life we learn with and the life we love after that”.  Attached (PDF document) is a process for you to close out 2013 and to create the a life you love.

So on this third day of Christmas, here is wishing you time to cross your desert, success locating your star, and a prosperous & joyous 2014.


Angela Nesbitt