What are the non-negotiable steps for lasting change?

These steps highlights the seven proven steps to achieve big and scary goals:

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  1. Brenda Bergstrom says:

    Hi Angela! Nice to see what you are up to. Good for you! I am going to poke around and take a look.. I bet it will sound familiar!! Although I’m sure we have all grown since (or with!) the Pacific Institute. You might be interested in the Shirlaws training which is being introduced into Shaklee. Jeanne’s group had a two day seminar and integrating support.. It brings you to your core values to define your purpose and allows you to radiate from there, attracting those vibrating there with you. Carol could fill you in. Best of luck to you on your venture!!
    To your joyful longevity!
    Brenda Bergstrom
    Extend the Happy Times with Loved Ones that Good Health Can Bring

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